With A Rebel Yell...

by Drew Phillips

Created 10/21/12

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Movies and characters that transcend normality, rebel against conformity, and make a foul deal about complacency.

  • Two lovers who killed for their chance at their own kind of life

  • Malcolm McDowell hit the scene for the very first time in Lindsay Anderson's school boy shoot out, Palme d'or winning, celebration of teenage frustration and rebellion.

  • In what is possibly Godard's best outing, he chucks all convention out the window and takes us on a truly wild journey as far away from normal life as he can go.

  • Max Fischer is a writer, organizer, lover, director, and president of the Rushmore Bee Keepers.

  • Billy and Captain America embody the American Spirit as their bikes take them cross country to celebrate Mardi Gras in the counter culture classic that changed the Hollywood system for good in the late 60s/70s. Born to be wild.

  • The Monkees (and Rafelson) had had enough and were ready to call it quits, but not before calling themselves idiots and sell outs and plastering it up on the big screen. The most bizarre and wild American film ever made, the Monkees went out in the Big Bang of the counter culture movement.

  • Raoul Duke will do all he can to capture the American Dream, out in sunny Las Vegas. Moving from one mad, drug induced burn on a casino to another (the second inhabited by cops from around the country learning the dangers of drugs) he goes all out, balls to the wall in his dedication to the story.

  • The boy that never wants to grow up, beating his drum and trapped in the world that is Germany during World War II

  • The Driver and the Mechanic are the automobile incarnations of Billy and Captain America, blasting through back roads just to find their own piece of the pie.

  • The very first Jamaican film is the story of urban hero Ivan, an aspiring musician turned bad ass bandit who fights and cuts his own way through the slums of Kingston.

  • Jimmy just can't take it in mod, teenage world. Between his parents, pills, girls, scooters and rockers he's just looking for himself.

  • The housewife turned prostitute, how gauche.

  • A love that most societies would cringe at but still finds a beautiful way to warm our hearts.

  • Yes, I'm going to include this. Because General Hummle is a rebel, and with a magnificent cause. Bluffing a hostage and nuclear threat to bring compensation to the families of soldiers lost in secret military missions. The best villain I've seen in years.

  • And here is one rebel filmmaker. Even before we got into the war, even before it was even okay to insult/make fun of Hitler, Charlie was ready, and for his first sound picture, this one's a doozy. In my mind, this is his best work.

  • Alex Cox went full bore on this one, with more political commentary than he could have hoped. Critics called it heavy handed, and audiences were alienated (in 1987), but today we can see his anti-western masterpiece for what it truly is.

  • Speaking of misunderstood anti-western masterpieces...

  • Kirk is gonna tell those sick French career generals what for!

  • Jesus? A rebel? You don't say...

  • Talk about revolution...

  • He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.

    People's Front of Judea....Splitters....

  • Old Bill Lee was a ... different kind of author

  • What ever it takes to get the story

  • Even though I'm not a fan of this picture, the characters have thrown everything to the wind, and I respect that.

  • Godard goes after society again, and hits even harder this time.

  • Swingers beware! There's a couple squares louring people in with the promise of kinky sex, only to fall victim to death by frying pan! Then they're selling them to a hot blooded, emotional, crazy chicano to be turned into dog food! And it's hilarious! S&M, Cannibalism, Fetishism, Bribery, and Murder never tasted so good...

  • The great slave revolution

  • A would call all three of these men a personal hero and rebel any day of the week.

  • Two lovers torn at the seams by a wealthy family and an early 90s world that just wasn't ready

  • This is what happens when the rebellion doesn't end....

  • Bunuel throws back years of hypocrisy and kneeling in church in one foul swoop that will have you laughing for hours

  • Jack is no ordinary Duke, even after he's "cured"

  • Dignan is a dreamer and a true believer and he will never be forgotten

  • Running away from record companies and responsibilities, punks just want to lay on the beach

  • An island of children is bound to be void of any kind of order

  • Rebellion through insanity.

  • Escaping technology obsessed families to voyage off onto wild adventures, it's the Gilliam way

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