A Beginner's Guide To Criterion

by The Narrator Returns

Created 10/16/12

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The Narrator is a regular commenter on websites like AV Club and CriterionForum. He runs a weekly DVD round-up on the AV Club, for which he has garnered praise and possibly-not-untrue accusations of time-wasting. His books include Bookology 101: A Beginner's Guide to Community, Of German Fish and Men: A Beginner's Guide to American Dad, and From A to Z: A Beginner's Guide to Criterion, excerpts from which are shown here. He has written essays for the Criterion releases of Kindergarten Cop and Animation Found and Lost: The Disney in the 2000s Story.


  • By Craig J. Clark
    November 20, 2012
    01:48 PM

    What a fun list! I would totally watch George Washington: Sasquatch Hunter.
  • By DUDElaundrey
    December 14, 2012
    06:41 PM

    haha. great guide
    • By Chet E.
      March 22, 2014
      08:31 AM

      An inspired list; look forward to more.
  • By Philip P.
    May 18, 2014
    08:51 PM

    I agree with all of this
  • By Owen Elias
    November 24, 2015
    03:13 PM

    Funny and a great list. Thanks!
  • By Angus
    April 10, 2016
    08:12 PM

    I laughed and I laughed and I laughed and then the dog looked at me oddly and walked away.
  • By dbro7
    May 02, 2016
    04:33 PM