A Criterion Primer

by Mark Gatti

Created 10/08/12

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An introduction to The Criterion Collection. The first ten editions to consider.


  • By TheDirector
    October 22, 2012
    03:19 PM

    I think Brazil, Videodrome, and The Battle of Algiers are the odd ones out. I think The 400 Blows, Solaris, and The Red Shoes are better choices; or The Rules of the Game, or Grand Illusion. Otherwise, firm list.
    • By Carter Hottovy
      December 21, 2012
      01:30 PM

      I fully agree. I'd say take out Brazil, Videodrome, and BoA and put in The 400 Blows, Solaris, and The Rules of the Game
  • By futurestar
    March 20, 2013
    11:09 PM

    list of 10 are very limited. yours is fine as is and very representative of Criterion as a whole. with over 600 titles now there are infinite top ten list. all of them as legit as the next.