Seconds Film Still


John Frankenheimer

Seconds (Criterion Blu-Ray)


1 Disc

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  • United States
  • 1966
  • 107 minutes
  • Black and White
  • 1.75:1
  • English
  • Spine #667

Rock Hudson is a revelation in this sinister, science-fiction-inflected dispatch from the fractured 1960s. Seconds, directed by John Frankenheimer, concerns a middle-aged banker who, dissatisfied with his suburban existence, elects to undergo a strange and elaborate procedure that will grant him a new life. Starting over in America, however, is not as easy as it sounds. This paranoiac symphony of canted camera angles (courtesy of famed cinematographer James Wong Howe), fragmented editing, and layered sound design is a remarkably risk-taking Hollywood film that ranks high on the list of its legendary director’s achievements.


Antiochus WilsonRock Hudson
Nora MarcusSalome Jens
Arthur HamiltonJohn Randolph
Old manWill Geer
Mr. RubyJeff Corey
Dr. InnesRichard Anderson
CharlieMurray Hamilton
Dr. MorrisKarl Swenson
DavaloKhigh Dhiegh
Emily HamiltonFrances Reid
JohnWesley Addy
TexanJohn Lawrence
Plump blondeElisabeth Fraser
Sue BushmanDody Heath
MayberryRobert Brubaker
Mrs. FilterDorothy Morris
SecretaryBarbara Werle


DirectorJohn Frankenheimer
Produced byEdward Lewis
ScreenplayLewis John Carlino
Based on the novel byDavid Ely
Director of photographyJames Wong Howe
MusicJerry Goldsmith
Film editorsFerris Webster and David Newhouse
Art directorTed Haworth
Set decorationsJohn Austin
Sound recording byJoe Edmondson and John H. Wilkinson
Camera operatorsRoy Clark and John Stephens
Hairstyles for Miss Jens created bySydney Guilaroff
Titles bySaul Bass
Production managerLloyd Anderson
Assistant directorsFrancisco Day and Michael Glick
Script supervisorJohn Franco
Paintings byJohn Hunter (on loan from the Ryder Gallery)
Key gripRichard Borland
Property masterFrank Agnone
Makeup artistsJack Petty and Mark Reedall
Dialogue coachThom Conroy
Assistant film editorStewart Linder
Sound effects editorHoward Beals
Set photographerJohn Bryson

Disc Features

  • New, restored 4K digital film transfer, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition
  • Audio commentary featuring director John Frankenheimer
  • New interview with actor Alec Baldwin
  • Excerpts from Hollywood on the Hudson, a 1965 television program featuring on-set footage and an interview with actor Rock Hudson
  • New program on the making of the film, featuring interviews with Evans Frankenheimer, the director’s widow, and actor Salome Jens
  • Interview with Frankenheimer from 1971
  • New visual essay by film scholars R. Barton Palmer and Murray Pomerance
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by critic David Sterritt

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Film Essays


Seconds: Reborn Again

By David Sterritt August 13, 2013

John Frankenheimer burrows into the insidious side of the American sixties in his visually dazzling thriller. Read more »

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