Hiroshi Shimizu

The Masseurs and a Woman

The Masseurs and a Woman

A pair of blind masseurs, an enigmatic city woman, a lonely man and his ill-behaved nephew—The Masseurs and a Woman is made up of crisscrossing miniature studies of love and family at a remote resort in the mountains. With delicate and surprising humor, Hiroshi Shimizu paints a timeless portrait of loneliness and the human need to connect.

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Eclipse Series 15: Travels with Hiroshi Shimizu

Travels with Hiroshi Shimizu

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The Masseurs and a Woman
Mieko Takamine
Michiko Misawa
Shin Tokudaiji
Shinichi Himori
Bakudan Kozo
Shin Saburi
Shintaro Omura
Hiroshi Shimizu
Hiroshi Shimizu
Masao Saito
Production design
Minoru Esaka
Senji Ito

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