• Home Away from Home

    By Peter Becker

    Paris. We landed here yesterday at midday, and after a quick stop at our hotel, executive producer Fumiko Takagi and I headed straight to the offices of TF1 and Canal+ in Issy-les-Moulineaux for meetings. Issy is not what you think of when you . . . Read more »

  • Opening Pandora’s Box

    By J. Hoberman

    As a filmmaker, G. W. Pabst was attracted to issues and partial to naturalism. Starting with his 1923 fable The Treasure, this most cosmopolitan and protean of Weimar filmmakers produced a series of socially conscious and sexually frank silent . . . Read more »

  • Remembering Mr. Altman

    By Karen Stetler

    I first met Robert Altman in person in 1999, when I was producing a series of video introductions featuring contemporary directors discussing their favorite Janus films. Altman was the first Criterion director to respond to our request. We had . . . Read more »

  • Two Steps Away from the County Line . . .

    By Jonathan Turell

    It’s been a few weeks since Peter and I started this blog, and we are gratified that the response has been so positive. We debated for a while whether or not I should have hot-linked my email address last week, and I’m glad that I did. I . . . Read more »

  • Beautiful People

    By Peter Becker

    At the Museum of the Moving Image tonight, Peter Cowie is presenting his new book on Louise Brooks, Lulu Forever, and they are digitally screening our new Pandora's Box restoration with the Gillian Anderson score. I don’t think I’ve ever been . . . Read more »

  • One Step Ahead of the Shoeshine . . .

    By Jonathan Turell

    There’s a store called Stew Leonard’s near where I live. When you walk in, you can see the customer service rules hanging above the entrance. It’s simple—there are only two: Rule one: The customer is always right; Rule two: When in doubt, see . . . Read more »

  • Debates Around the Office

    By Jonathan Turell

    For years now, Peter has been the public face of Criterion. It’s great to have my partner fielding the brunt of the questions, sitting on the panels, and speaking poetically for all of us. We’ve been partners now for about a dozen years, and . . . Read more »

  • The Fallen Idol:
    Through a Child’s Eye, Darkly

    By Geoffrey O’Brien

    The circumstances of our first encounters with movies are often as memorable as the movies themselves. Sometimes the juxtaposition of movie and circumstance seems merely accidental; but there are those films that change us enough that we can . . . Read more »

  • Honor Thy Father

    By Peter Becker

    The New York Times ran a really nice piece about the Janus box this morning. It started on the front page of the Arts section and jumped to another half page inside. It featured big pictures from M, L'Avventura, Seven Samurai, The Virgin Spring . . . Read more »

  • Brass Tacks (and Brooches)

    By Peter Becker

    I don't know if it's the question we get asked most often or just the one that people ask with the greatest sense of urgency, but here it is: Where does Criterion stand on HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray Disc? As you may have noticed, Jon Mulvaney has been . . . Read more »

  • So We’re Starting a Blog . . .

    By Peter Becker

    The obvious question is: Why are we doing this? And the only answer is that it just seems like the right thing to do. The Criterion Collection is at an awkward age. By Variety and Hollywood Reporter standards, we’re not big (about forty people, . . . Read more »