• Criterion’s release of 10 Years of Rialto Pictures has critics giving thanks to the esteemed distribution company this holiday-time. Introducing his interview with Rialto cofounder Bruce Goldstein, Glenn Kenny asks, “Where would we cinephiles be without Rialto Pictures? More to the point, where wouldn’t we be? It’s through this distribution company’s work that we’re able to see gorgeous new prints of stone classics such as Reed’s The Third Man, Godard’s Contempt, and Bresson’s Au hasard Balthazar, not to mention timeless entertainments such as Dassin’s Rififi and Honda’s Godzilla. Without Rialto, Jean-Pierre Melville’s monumental Army of Shadows would have never gotten its belated American premiere. And so on.” Mick LaSalle also sings the praises of Rialto Pictures, at SFGate, as does Screen’s Peter Stamelman, who calls the ten-film box set, “an indispensable purchase for high school, university, and public libraries.” It also made the New Yorker’s list.

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