Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks

May 6, 2022

For Charlotte Gainsbourg, a trip to the Criterion offices doubles as a walk down memory lane. An actor best known for her boundary-pushing performances in the films of Lars von Trier, and the singer-songwriter of multiple electro-pop albums, Gainsbourg has long been immersed in the world of European art and cinema—she is, after all, the daughter of icons Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. Recently, she added another line to her list of accomplishments with her directorial debut, Jane by Charlotte, an intimate documentary portrait of her mother that hearkens back to Agnès Varda’s 1988 film about Birkin, Jane B. by Agnès V. As Gainsbourg perused the closet, she linked different films to members of her family—she recalled her father’s love for Robert Mitchum in The Night of the Hunter, her grandmother Judy Campbell’s role in Green for Danger, and the joys of screening Being John Malkovich for her ten-year-old daughter. Click the above video to see the rest of Gainsbourg’s picks.

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