Colin Quinn’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks

Nov 9, 2021

Beloved as a quintessential New York comedian, Colin Quinn took a city-centric approach to his tour of our closet last month. The Brooklyn-born stand-up star, who came to national fame in the late nineties as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, gave special attention to a handful of movies that capture the grit and glory of his hometown through the decades: Something Wild (1961), Claudine (1974), and Smithereens (1982). Riffing along in his inimitably shambling style, Quinn also demonstrated a big appetite for European classics, including the work of Godard and Fellini, and called up fond memories of frequenting a now-shuttered local video store whose elderly clerk introduced him to under-the-radar gems from around the world.

Watch the above video to see what Quinn pulled from our shelves, then make plans to catch him as he travels the country with his new show, Colin Quinn: The Last Best Hope, running through next March.

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