Joanna Hogg’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks

Jul 14, 2021

Last week, Joanna Hogg’s new film, The Souvenir Part II, premiered at Cannes to wide acclaim. For those familiar with the British filmmaker’s remarkable body of work, this should come as no surprise. With observational dramas like Unrelated (2007) and Archipelago (2010), Hogg has distinguished herself as a scathing but deeply empathetic chronicler of upper-middle-class disaffection, unearthing the tensions and anxieties of modern life through a singular blend of austere visuals and naturalistic panache. And with The Souvenir, one of the most celebrated films of 2019, she broke new ground with her luminous, semiautobiographical portrait of a student filmmaker and her tumultuous first love. In our 2019 interview with Hogg, she spoke about her reverence for artists like Gene Kelly and Bob Fosse, and in her trip to our closet, she elaborated on how musicals inform her own work while snatching up a copy of All That Jazz. At the time of her closet visit, Hogg was “going through a bit of a Fellini phase,” so she also took the opportunity to nab multiple films by the Italian master. Find out which ones in the above video!

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