Marco Bellocchio’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks — Feb 10, 2020

Now in the fifth decade of his filmmaking career, Marco Bellocchio remains a beloved figure in Italian cinema, celebrated for his intimate explorations of national identity and social upheaval. Late last year—shortly after we released a new restoration of his debut feature, Fists in the Pocket, on Blu-ray—he happened to be in town for the New York Film Festival, where he was presenting his latest movie, The Traitor, a sprawling, psychologically rich mafia epic that shows him at the peak of his powers. With that film now in theaters, we’re looking back at the maestro’s trip to our closet, where he talked about a handful of masterpieces he hopes will continue to inspire younger generations of cinephiles. Not only did he pay his respects to a few favorite auteurs—visionaries like Stanley Kubrick and Robert Bresson—he also revealed his love for Shakespeare, highlighting cinematic adaptations of two of the Bard’s greatest tragedies. Watch the video above to find out which ones he chose.

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