Kim Cattrall’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks — Aug 27, 2019

Recently, we had the pleasure of talking movies with none other than Kim Cattrall. During a visit to our offices, the award-winning Sex and the City star—who has, over the course of her remarkable four-decade-plus career, also acted in movies by directors such as Otto Preminger, John Carpenter, and Brian De Palma—spent some quality time in our film closet, where she opened up about her lifelong cinephilia. As she says at the start of the video above, the British-Canadian Cattrall first fell in love with movies as a child: she would watch them, often late at night when she couldn’t sleep, with her mother, who worked as an usherette at a Liverpool cinema. In the closet, she had a chance to grab copies of many of the films that have since become touchstones for her, among them Ingmar Bergman’s emotionally powerful family portrait Fanny and Alexander, Preston Sturges’s “joyous” Hollywood satire Sullivan’s Travels, and Robert Altman’s Nashville, which she says influenced her work on her upcoming show, the southern-gothic drama Filthy Rich, set to premiere early next year on Fox. Cattrall also thanked Criterion for recently introducing her to a brand-new favorite, Barbara Loden’s groundbreaking independent drama Wanda. To see all of her eclectic picks, give the video a spin.

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