That One Time Five Comics Raided Our Closet

Closet Picks — Feb 13, 2019

One night last month, well after the workday was over, the film closet got crowded. Earlier in the evening, we had played host to our first-ever comedy show, an unforgettable night featuring an incredible array of stand-up styles and no end of laughter. After they’d all stepped offstage, five of the talented young New York City comics in the lineup—Jaboukie Young-White, Lorelei Ramirez, Fumi Abe, Nore Davis, and Tomas Delgado—filed into the tight confines of our closet in order to take home some movies. And as the video attests, they certainly did some damage. 

After threatening to take home our camera, Ramirez snatched up The Complete Jacques Tati, while Abe didn’t waste any time setting his sights on some Japanese classics—Good Morning (“apparently it’s a fart movie”), Yojimbo, and Ikiru. Meanwhile, toward the back of the tiny room, The Daily Show’s Young-White paid tribute to Greta Gerwig (grabbing Frances Ha), jump-cut king Jean-Luc Godard (Made in U.S.A), and the cat-centric Twitter thread that made him take 24 Frames. And also amid the commotion, Davis shared some choice thoughts about The Beastie Boys Anthology and Night of the Living Dead—editions he says he’ll pass down to his daughter, “because I don’t have equity”—and Tomas Delgado, a New York tour guide, plucked down one of the city’s shot-on-location classics, Rosemary’s Baby. For all of this excitement and more, just click play above.

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