• In 1965, two decades into his filmmaking career, legendary French director Robert Bresson gave his first on-camera interview for Janine Bazin and André S. Labarthe’s Cinéastes de notre temps, a landmark television series in which filmmakers profiled other filmmakers. Now available to watch on the Criterion Channel on FilmStruck, the hour-long episode Robert Bresson: Without a Trace—filmed during the production of his masterpiece Au hazard Balthazar—features Bresson in a wide-ranging conversation with François Weyergans, a director and Cahiers du cinéma critic, and offers an illuminating look into the auteur’s method and philosophy. Above, get a taste of the documentary with an excerpt in which Bresson rattles off a selection of his artistic axioms.


  • By b_bang
    January 10, 2018
    02:55 PM

    A hint that Au Hazard Balthazar is to make it's Blu Ray appearance on Criterion soon, perhaps, with 'Cineastes de notre temps' as its bonus supplement?
    • By Christopher G.
      January 11, 2018
      09:18 AM

      I hope Balthazar is released as well, but this supplement is taken from the "A Man Escaped" release that's been available for a few years.
  • By christopher0711
    January 12, 2018
    11:01 AM

    FYI "Robert Bresson: Without a Trace" is not among the new releases on the Criterion Channel at Filmstruck. Searches for it on Filmstruck come up null. This is probably bc it's a feature of "Balthazar," but you might consider making it easier to find (add a link to tweet, etc.). Thanks.