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    This evening, at 7, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will show a 35 mm print of Jane Campion’s 1989 Sweetie, alongside her 1985 short A Girl’s Own Story—a program selected by producer Christine Vachon as part of a series examining some of the influences behind her landmark collaboration with Todd Haynes. For her eccentric and remarkably assured debut feature, the Australian director took on the fraught subject of family life, plotting the volatile dynamic between the pensive Kay and her erratic and often destructive sister Sweetie, and bringing the characters’ idiosyncratic world to life by way of a vibrant and often buoyantly disjointed visual style. In his liner essay for our edition of the film, scholar Dana Polan writes that the singular Sweetie retains the “deconstructive qualities” of early Campion shorts like A Girl’s Own Story while at the same time anticipating her widely acclaimed later work’s “intense focus on single female characters in emotional crisis.”

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