Repertory Picks

À nos amours in Austin

This week, as part of the month long film series Inexplicably Yours: Maurice Pialat, the Austin Film Society in Austin, Texas, will screen the French filmmaker’s 1983 masterpiece À nos amours in 35 mm.Starring Sandrine Bonnaire in a fearless debut performance, Pialat’s emotionally raw drama explores the sexual awakening of a fifteen-year-old Parisian girl and its effect on her family, including her domineering father, played by Pialat himself. This searing coming-of-age tale “remains as startling in its honesty, its unique mix of savagery and delicacy, as it was in 1983,” writes Molly Haskell in her liner notes for our release of the film. “For Pialat, there was no balm: he tells it like it is, gives us life in its awful, wrenching untidiness.”

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