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    • In honor of Film Forum’s Anna & Jean-Luc series, Interview Magazine has published a conversation from its July 1994 issue between Andrew Sarris and Jean-Luc Godard, in which Godard explains the editing ethos behind his signature jump cuts (which essentially amounts to, “Let’s keep only what I like”), as well as a new interview with Anna Karina. “I think personally that every actress should do a little film. Even a short film,” says Karina of the impetus behind her directing work. “And all directors should act, to know how difficult it is also the other way around.”
    • The Director’s Guild of America has polled its members to weigh in on the best-directed films made since the guild’s founding eighty years ago. Dr. Strangelove, The Graduate, Seven Samurai, 8 1/2 , and The Third Man are just a few of the collection favorites that made the cut.
    • In New York film news, longtime collaborator and friend of Criterion Michael Koresky has been made the editorial director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and Film Comment’s Nicolas Rapold has been named editor of the publication.
    • Before it plays in competition at the Cannes Film Festival next week, watch three clips from Jim Jarmusch’s new film Paterson, starring Adam Driver and Golshifteh Farahani.
    • Programmers Mal Ahern and Moira Weigel present their new series Labor of Love: 100 Years of Movie Dates—featuring a wide range of films, from Stephen Frears’s My Beautiful Laundrette to Amy Heckerling’s Clueless—now playing at BAM. “The first nickelodeons opened across America at a time when hordes of young people were moving to the cities from the countryside and overseas,” they write. “Young women in particular were leaving home to work. In the past their parents had controlled how they courted. In booming cities, they met and flirted freely. Movie theaters quickly became a prime place to do this, and movies themselves showed how.”
    • Watch the Paul Thomas Anderson–directed video for Radiohead’s new song “Daydreaming”:


  • By HUSKY
    May 07, 2016
    02:27 PM

    New Radiohead song/video amazing!
  • By Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
    May 09, 2016
    11:33 AM

    Where are Bresson, Buñuel, Ozu, Renoir, Antonioni, Chabrol, Akerman, C. Denis, L. Martel, Reygadas, Côté, Rocha, Dryer, Cocteau, Rossellini, de Oliveira, Godard, Varda - just to name a handful - truly exceptional directors & films? List of "best-directed" mostly devoid of "greatest" films. That's sad.
    • By Tim Hulsey
      May 11, 2016
      06:13 PM

      For the most part, this poll seems to prefer visible style over integrated style, and it has a strong English-language bias.