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Sjöström Haunts in Minnesota

There’s no better time than a crisp Sunday evening in November to cozy up and take in a spooky Victorian ghost story. This weekend, if you’re in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, you can do just that, at Heights Theater’s screening of the silent-era classic The Phantom Carriage. The film, which was one of the most significant works of Swedish cinema, was directed in 1921 by pioneering filmmaker Victor Sjöström (who is also its star). Its haunting tale was based on a novel by the Nobel Prize–winning writer Selma Lagerlöf, about an indolent drunkard forced to examine his life when Death’s carriage emerges before him on New Year's Eve. Sjöström’s otherworldly masterpiece, widely celebrated for its revolutionary special effects, will come back to life this weekend in Minnesota with live instrumental accompaniment by musicians Jackie Beckey and Jonathan Kaiser. For now, enjoy our Three Reasons video for The Phantom Carriage below.

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