William Becker, 1927–2015

William Becker and Jonathan Turrell

I lost a dear friend, valued partner, and father figure over the weekend. I first started working with Bill Becker and my father, Saul Turell, more than thirty-four years ago. My dad died just a few years later, I had the wonderful privilege of guiding Janus Films and the early years of Criterion with Bill, and I am honored to be partnered with his son Peter to this day. I knew Bill for far longer than I knew my own dad, and I will forever be thankful to Bill for teaching me so much about film, theater, and literature, about how to make a fair deal, and about the importance of keeping one’s word. More than that, he taught me about life, about relationships, and that often it’s a question not of either/or but of both/and. Our world, and especially mine, was better because of Bill. I loved him very much, and I will miss him every day.

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