• 10 Things I Learned: Y tu mamá también

    By Kim Hendrickson


  • By D. E.
    August 21, 2014
    07:07 PM

    Given the explanation of the compound word in the film, the spelling in the English subtitles of the pre-Criterion DVD should have been "charro," but mistakenly appeared as "charo." A charro in Mexico is traditionally a landowner / cowboy whereas "Charo" was the wife of Xavier Cugat who said "gootchie gootchie" as a schtick. :-)
    • By jake torres
      August 25, 2014
      07:03 PM

      who cares. you're annoying. make a comment about what you just read, not the dvd subtitles. there are no shortage of subtitling mistakes in the hx of dvd's.