• This July Fourth weekend, Janus Films is bringing the Beatles back in a big way. Richard Lester’s one-of-a-kind musical comedy A Hard Day’s Night opens tomorrow in over one hundred theaters nationwide, presented in a new 4K digital restoration and featuring a new 5.1 soundtrack remixed and remastered by record producer Giles Martin at Abbey Road Studios. Watch Janus’s exuberant new trailer below, and then check out this list of venues to find a theater near you where the movie is showing.


  • By SoloMan93
    July 03, 2014
    01:13 PM

    If this is love, you gotta give me more.
  • By Michael
    July 13, 2014
    01:24 AM

    A mere 50 years ago this week: 1. During the week of July 13, 1964, the Beatles had all of the first FIVE spots on American Top 40 Radio (and it wasn't even called "Top 40" yet). 2. There has only been one other comedy team consisting of FOUR members - the Marx Brothers. As much as I love the Marx Brothers, I think it is safe to say that the Beatles' personalities were more believable and distinctive. 3. The Beatles had THREE singers who could have been the front man in any other group. 4. The Beatles had the TWO finest popular songwriters lucky enough to somehow be in one group. 5. The Beatles recording of "She Loves You" is the ONE performance before which nothing as exciting had ever been put on vinyl, and nothing has surpassed it in terms of excitement yet. Imagine being a member of the most famous entertainment entity of all time, having released your single greatest record, and being 23 years old (if you were Ringo, the elder statesman of the band in 1963). George Harrison was 19. Plus the Beatles also had the top box office smash in the world. There is little argument that "A Hard Day's Night" is the finest film ever made about popular music. Not a bad week's work...