• Two years after Vivien Leigh became an international icon by playing Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, she reunited with the British movie titan who had helped launch her career, Alexander Korda. The project was the big-budget historical romance That Hamilton Woman, in which she costarred alongside Laurence Olivier, her husband at the time. As an ambassador’s wife and a Royal Navy officer in an adulterous affair, the two generate serious chemistry in the movie, the best-loved one in which they appear together. Viewers in Silver Spring, Maryland, can catch this impressive production—which won an Oscar for its sound recording and was nominated for its cinematography, art direction, and special effects—on the big screen at the AFI Silver Theatre, where it’s playing as part of a Vivien Leigh centenary series. Watch the film’s theatrical release trailer below.


  • By NAME
    March 27, 2014
    03:25 PM

    She was underrated. Even Orson Welles commented on this. He inferred Olivier was better on stage and Leigh was better on screen. (I don't agree, by the way. Olivier in Wyler's "Carrie" is as magnificent as any artist could hope to be.) I guess it was difficult to acknowledge that someone so physically singular could have had the additional gift of being talented. It was unfair, like Maria Callas being able to sing and act. As long as Leigh is going through a reevaluation, maybe someone should unearth her performance in "The Deep Blue Sea."
    • By medelia
      March 28, 2014
      05:50 AM

      The BFI screened the Deep Blue Sea as part of their Vivien Leigh retrospective last November. Strangely enough, neither London Films (the production co) nor 20th Century Fox (the distributor) claim copyright over the film, which is why it's not more widely available. I agree about Olivier in Carrie - one of his greatest performances.
  • By Barry Moore
    August 15, 2014
    08:53 PM

    'That Hamilton Woman' was reportedly Stalin's favorite movie. As good as Leigh is in the film (which by itself is decidedly superior to 'Gone With the Wind'), she truly shines as a great artist in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'.