• Perhaps no filmmaker has elicited more drama and thrills from one room than Sidney Lumet does with his breakthrough feature 12 Angry Men. Starring Henry Fonda as a righteous juror desperately trying to persuade his fellow deliberators to save a young boy accused of murder from death row, Lumet’s electrifying debut is a cornerstone of politically engaged fifties American cinema and remains one of the most beloved films ever (it’s currently number 8 on IMDb’s user-generated top 250). Patrons of the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center in Notre Dame, Indiana, can see the film on the big screen this Sunday, March 23. Watch the original trailer below, which calls the film “a battering ram of excitement.”


  • By Steve--Zissou
    March 31, 2015
    10:11 PM

    I say it is possible that this is better then Citizen Kane
  • By Luis Gottschalk
    August 03, 2016
    05:28 AM

    I'm not good at comparisons,but htis is na awesome movie as well.