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Did You See This?

The State of Cinema, the Roots of Neorealism, Mira Nair’s Cultural Radar

Did You See This?

• Watch (above) or read Steven Soderbergh’s already famous state-of-the-art address.

Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig hit the streets.

• Talk about micro-cinema!

• Charting the course of neorealism across continents

• Talking to Olivier Assayas, child of the seventies

• Cultural tips from Mira Nair

• Catching up with Margarethe von Trotta

Kent Jones takes on Quentin Tarantino regarding John Ford, race, and history.

Repo reminiscences with Alex Cox

• The return of Roberto Rossellini’s Journey to Italy

• Coming of age in the big city

• A poster designer shares her influences.

• The Citizen Kane of “Did You See This?” links

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