Did You See This?

A Tribute to Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Hitchcock Master Class, Celebrity Profiles

• James Ivory on the late Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

• So that’s what Glenda Jackson’s been up to.

• A cutting lesson from the master of suspense

• An insider’s take on working with Kubrick

• The singular charm of Les Blank’s cinema

• Quite a bunch of characters

• The Boston Globe picks up on the Carney-Rappaport battle.

• Richard Brody does the Madison.

David Lynch talks about his cinematic past and possible futures.

• Steven Soderbergh meets Shane Carruth.

• Michael Atkinson’s still decoding Citizen Kane.

First-run movies in the comfort of your own (very expensive) home

• The lost art of the celebrity profile

Shedding new light on the beauty of Japanese cinema

• A Chinese cinema lesson with Tony Rayns

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