• By CAT Productions
    March 04, 2013
    07:01 PM

    Amazing TKOACB!
  • By Joshua Alan Kelley
    March 04, 2013
    07:26 PM

    great pics of Cassavetes
  • By Sidney
    March 04, 2013
    07:52 PM

    What a great set of photos! Cassavetes was one of the ultimate mavericks of Independent Cinema.
  • By Bertww65
    March 05, 2013
    02:50 AM

    Awesome pics! Now all we need is a blu ray of Love Streams...
  • By prtkahn
    March 05, 2013
    12:14 PM

    Shouldn't Rosemary's Baby be listed under his films on the Explore page? (Breathless for Jean-Pierre Melville, too.)
  • By Kyle
    March 08, 2013
    11:54 PM

    Is it possible to have Love Streams part of the Criterion? On DVD and Blu Ray? That would be great.
    • By Lisa
      March 27, 2013
      05:30 PM

      From your lips to God's ears! I have the same questions/requests.
  • By ps24
    January 13, 2014
    07:29 PM

    They should absolutely do a separate BLU-RAY release of LOVE STREAMS. I think think it is his best film (as does Peter Falk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMvBa6erj7w&t=19m11s ). It is incredibly hard to find a good copy, and deserves it's own release. Depends on the sales of the box sales but DO IT FOR THE PEOPLE!