• The Cinematic City is an ongoing screening and lecture series at Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive about how films are shaped by urban environments. Among the films coming up in the lineup is Vittorio De Sica’s neorealist masterpiece Bicycle Thieves, which will play on February 20. Besides being a heartrending study of poverty and struggle and a luminous evocation of the love between a father and son, De Sica’s film is a lasting document of devastated postwar Italy. Watch the clip below for a sample of how a sense of place is so vital to De Sica’s dramatic story of a man whose livelihood is threatened when his bicycle is stolen.

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  • By Mk Madhusudhan
    February 19, 2013
    12:23 AM

    its a very moving and heart rendering film. Very very extra ordinary film . The scene depicts the despair and helpness of a person who's only prized possession and means of bread earning was stolen right under his nose. The agony that follows and the despondency that sets in thereafter are truly picturised in a very poignant way. Hats off to Vittorio de sica , a true genius who's actors are drawn from real life .