• Doc Films, the venerable student film society at the University of Chicago, is in the midst of a retrospective dedicated to the films of Louis Malle. If you’ve so much as begun to delve into this legendary director’s work, you know that he was one of French cinema’s most versatile artists. Noir (Elevator to the Gallows), romance (The Lovers), slapstick (Zazie dans le métro), tragedy (The Fire Within), documentary (Phantom India), even fractured fairy tale (Black Moon)—Malle did it all. One genre he returned to periodically throughout his career was the autobiography-tinged coming-of-age drama; his Oscar-nominated Murmur of the Heart (playing February 12), a loose, randy, often funny, sometimes shocking tale of a teenage boy’s maturing in mid-1950s France, is a much beloved example. Check out the original trailer below.

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