• For over six decades, the great Swedish actor Max von Sydow has made a career playing wildly diverse roles—who else can lay claim to having played both Christ and the Devil, for instance (in The Greatest Story Ever Told and Needful Things, respectively). Whether giving haunting form to Ingmar Bergman angst (in The Seventh Seal) or hilariously spewing Woody Allen neuroticism (in Hannah and Her Sisters), Max is magnetic, and Brooklyn’s BAMCinématek is paying tribute to him in a retrospective running now through December 14. One of the films showing is Bergman’s The Magician (December 2), in which von Sydow gives a truly mesmerizing performance as a nineteenth-century illusionist who may or may not be a fraud, and who seeks to prove his powers to a rigidly rational doctor—essentially by scaring the living daylights out of him. As you can see in the clip below, von Sydow need not speak to make a memorable entrance.

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