• Douglas Sirk’s melodramas have a special power on the big screen. Viewers in Chicago will have a chance to experience one of his most provocative and visually flamboyant, Written on the Wind, in the coming week (November 23 and 27) at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Shot in blazing Technicolor, the film seethes with pent-up, frustrated sexuality as it follows four fascinating characters: the alcoholic son of an oil tycoon (Robert Stack), his long-suffering wife (Lauren Bacall), his down-to-earth friend (Rock Hudson), and his promiscuous sister (Dorothy Malone, in a no-holds-barred, Oscar-winning performance). Get a glimpse of all the lurid beauty in the original trailer for the film, which touts it as “a tense, rank drama woven of the raw realism of life itself!”

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