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    The trailer for The X from Outer Space clears up any mystery around the “rigorous selection process” that resulted in the titular extraterrestrial beast’s being given the rather adorable-sounding name Guilala.

    It’s probably not a great idea to walk toward a glowing intergalactic orb, as you’ll see in this retina-searing scene from Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell.

    Just like this trailer for it, The Living Skeleton starts out as an eerie, evocative Val Lewton–esque chiller and ends up as something a lot, well, battier.

    American expatriate Chico Roland had a mini-career acting in Japan from the sixties to the early eighties (you can also catch him in The Warped Ones and Black Sun). Here he is bugging out in a clip from the apocalyptic Genocide.

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