• By Greg D.
    November 10, 2012
    04:25 PM

    Please take note Criterion, Grave of the Fireflies is unlikely to be released by Disney. Perhaps there's a way to hep it find a US audience. Also, I don't believe Criterion has any animation in it's library.
    • By The Narrator Returns
      November 10, 2012
      04:40 PM

      It's actually getting released on Blu-Ray in two weeks.
    • By Barbara
      January 18, 2013
      04:50 PM

      The ongoing demand for GRAVE of the Fireflies by those who know anime films and those viewers who become aware of the movie by chance is a small, consistent stream. There have been requests for this anime classic from Sacramento Japanese Film Festival attendees.
  • By Shaun
    November 11, 2012
    12:21 PM

    There are many creative and insightful comments put in the "What you're saying" section of My Criterion by the dozens (hundreds perhaps) every week, including from yours truly (not under this name). So WHY are a very few individuals, whose names I won't mention, given the honor of having their comments appear several times a week? And all of these individuals offer mostly inane and unoriginal comments. Do something about diversifying the "What you're saying" section - I'm sick of reading Future Star's comments. Oops, I said no names (Hsu, Narrator, West, flpr, etc. etc.). There now he won't be lonely.
    • By futurestar
      December 18, 2012
      10:52 PM

      I am glad to go silent if that should somehow affect things and your world. due respects should encompass all. no one or place is special.
  • By Bart
    December 19, 2012
    10:35 PM

    Actually, that would be great. Your bland remarks appear several times a week and every day. What makes you special? And month old remarks of yours appear again and again and they offer nothing. Other voices surely would - I don't know how you subvert the system (or rather 'play it'), but to appear as many times as you do for no reason that I can see I'm sure you are. So - yes thank you. Bye bye.
    • By Gord
      December 19, 2012
      11:07 PM

      Everyone is free to comment of course. I do agree that there is a very pronounced imbalance and that 10 or 12 users are grossly over-represented.
    • By futurestar
      November 26, 2014
      07:37 PM

      Dear Mr. Bart and Mr. Shaun- I guess you ganged up and really showed me a thing or two. Fact is Criterion picks what they want to show. The Process has nothing to do with me. In a world of many voices your's is heard also. Shout it out.