• By David Hollingsworth
    August 28, 2012
    06:06 PM

    1) Carlo Battisti's devastating performance. 2) The simpleness of the story. 3) The relationship between Umberto and his dog.
    • By Luc Labelle
      September 01, 2012
      04:08 AM

      Exactly! This masterpiece of Italian cinema ( by the same director who did "Bicycle Thief", another masterpiece) is VERY VERY touching. Aging, loneliness, dignity and, of course, the enduring friendship between dog and master (and in this case I am tempted to use the word "fusional relationship").
  • By Gord
    September 08, 2012
    08:32 PM

    Criterion: did you know that Maria Pia Casilio died in April of this year? Something should be said about it - I love her.