• As evidenced by his critically acclaimed new social satire, Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg always has his finger on the spasming pulse of the moment. Back in 1983, he conceived of the penetrating and prescient Videodrome, which cast a suspicious eye on the modern world of mass communication. In it, James Woods plays a cable access programmer who comes across a snuff pirate broadcast and finds himself drawn ever deeper into a perverted and hallucinatory underworld as a result. Though wickedly perfect for home-video screening, Videodrome casts a special spell in a dark theater, as Los Angeles moviegoers can discover (or rediscover) this week when it plays at the Egyptian Theatre on August 25. Check out the original trailer, which features the film’s famous “breathing screen” mechanical effect, designed by F/X guru Rick Baker.


  • By russ n.
    August 24, 2012
    01:28 PM

    Love it.
  • By Craig J. Clark
    August 24, 2012
    02:56 PM

    I still can't believe Universal is seriously contemplating remaking this. Looks like Max Renn needs to be given a few more targets.
    • By richard
      January 20, 2013
      09:42 AM

      HAHA very good. Videodrome is genius. I'm so glad I got a multi region player. Looks stunning on blu ray.