• Before the Broadway musical began its endless run in 1985; before the many Hollywood iterations (starring Fredric March in 1935, Robert Newton in 1952, and Hugh Jackman later this year) graced screens; before the Claude Lelouch and Bille August adaptations in the 1990s and the 1985 miniseries with Gérard Depardieu made their debuts, there was Raymond Bernard’s spectacular, five-hour-plus, 1934 epic film version of Victor Hugo’s novel Les misérables. Featuring a towering interpretation of Jean Valjean by the legendary Harry Baur (a French star of the ’20s and ’30s who was killed in World War II), this film—available in our fourth Eclipse set, Raymond Bernard—is a treat for not only faithful fans of the book but anyone who treasures classic French cinema. Viewers in Detroit can experience this massive work on the big screen at the Detroit Film Theatre, where it will play in two parts, the first Saturday, July 28, and the second August 4. In honor of this event, we just had to share this fabulous poster from the film’s original release.


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  • By BRAD
    July 27, 2012
    03:56 PM

    I think this title should have a Blu ray upgrade.