• By Rick Fee
    June 13, 2012
    03:18 PM

    The still photograph of Charles Chaplin and his Gold Rush camera crew was probably taken at Truckee, CA. The three crew members by the tripods may or may not be Roland Totheroh (Chaplin's longtime cinematographer) with camera operators Jack Wilson and Mark Marlatt. But this is merely conjecture and I would appreciate a correction if one is warranted.
  • By Brad
    June 22, 2012
    02:04 AM

    Were all of these picture taken on sound stages? The first few look like they're taken on location, but that might just be movie magic!
    • By Mark
      January 11, 2013
      12:18 PM

      He planned on shooting all of the exterior shots at the Sugar Bowl ski resort area up near Lake Tahoe, but abandoned the plan after a few weeks there and returned to the studio where he could control the environment more easily. Most of the shots taken in the three weeks of location shooting did not make it into the film, but the opening shot of the Chilkoot pass did, as well as the shot of Chaplin sliding in the snow. The rest was done with salt and flour in the studio.
  • By Richard Schissler
    June 22, 2012
    05:47 AM

    If Mr Chaplin had the opportunity to have computers perhaps the silent peicture may have not died and he could have continued his style of filmmaking. Chaplin shows in the The Gold Rush and all his great films what a incredible talent and all around ability to make comedy and great films period... Who today could produce, write, direct, star and take the money and production gambles Chaplin did in his time.... Plus he stuck to his principles and won out and against his critics and for his audience...