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Peter Falk Remembered

When most people think of Peter Falk, who died in June 2011, they recall his indelible embodiment of TV detective Frank Columbo. Yet movie lovers also remember the legendary, smoky-voiced actor for his slew of unforgettable big-screen roles, from his Oscar-nominated turn in the true-crime noir Murder, Inc. to his work with director John Cassavetes to his tender but acerbic grandfather in the beloved movie The Princess Bride. The AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland, is celebrating Falk’s film career with an ongoing retrospective called Just One More Thing: Peter Falk Remembered, which runs until mid-June.

This week, they’re highlighting one of Falk’s oddest and most memorable appearances, in Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire (May 25–27), in which he plays an angelic version of himself. Watch a brief clip from that film in which Falk wanders Berlin. And check the theaters schedule for other upcoming titles, including A Woman Under the Influence (June 2 and 7).

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