• Among movie subsubgenres, one of the tiniest has got to be the funny Hitler movie. Mel Brooks, who made jaws drop with the audaciously tasteless “Springtime for Hitler” musical number at the climax of his 1968 slapstick comedy The Producers, will be on hand at Los Angeles’s Aero Theatre this Saturday, May 5, to discuss both that film and Charlie Chaplin’s wartime burlesque The Great Dictator, which are showing as a double feature. It’s part of a series called The Dictators: Foolish Fascists in Funny Movies (Duck Soup, Bananas, and The In-Laws also make appearances next week).

    Chaplin had a lighter touch than Brooks, as is quite clear from this classic clip, a brilliant bit of buffoonery that manages to be dreamlike and nightmarish, effervescent and ominous, all at once.

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