• By Craig J. Clark
    April 04, 2012
    04:23 PM

    Judging by the text in the third image, it seems like L'Avventura was the Tree of Life of its day.
  • By Liem Nguyen
    April 04, 2012
    06:09 PM

    Bring it on to Blu!
  • By ER
    April 04, 2012
    06:48 PM

    One of the best Italian films ever made.
  • By Boner City
    April 06, 2012
    05:11 PM

    When is L'avventura coming to Blu-ray? It's long, long overdue. In fact it's starting to become a bit of a problem for many of us Blu enthusiasts!
    • By Richard D.
      July 23, 2014
      09:08 AM

      Yeah, especially with the two other titles in the "trilogy" already available on Blu-ray. Hoping for a release this year.