• While much of the repertory world has been turning an eye to DCP as of late, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Cinematheque reminds viewers of the pleasures of film with a new series beginning this week. The six titles in 20th Century Fox Restorations are recently struck 35 mm prints from the Hollywood studio’s vaults, including Henry King’s Chad Hanna, Raoul Walsh’s Sailor’s Luck and Me and My Gal, Gordon Douglas’s Rio Conchos, and Henri Verneuil’s The Sicilian Clan. Viewers won’t want to miss the first screening in the series, Jules Dassin’s essential noir Night and the City, starring a brilliantly down-and-out Richard Widmark in shadowy London; scheduled to be on hand for an introduction and a post-screening discussion is Schawn Belston, 20th Century Fox’s VP of library and technical services. Check out Night and the City’s original theatrical trailer below to get you in the appropriately nocturnal mood.

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  • By El-Benjamino
    April 03, 2012
    10:44 PM

    Beautiful cinematography, plenty of action, and Richard Widmark at the top of his game.