• By Charles Deckert
    January 17, 2012
    02:48 PM

    I didn't see Wim's pick of Salo coming...whoa!
  • By eddie berlin
    January 17, 2012
    04:56 PM

    is it me or was that just the worst sound recording ever? and is there a list somewhere of what wim picked up?
    • By Matt
      January 17, 2012
      05:34 PM

      Yah, the background fans are very noisy - maybe next time Criterion might drop a radio mic on? Would make it more enjoyable! Thanks Criterion.
  • By Nate Sutton
    January 17, 2012
    08:46 PM

    "Film buffs are shameless" - awesome!
  • By Ahmed Khawaja
    January 18, 2012
    11:33 AM

    Watch Wim Wenders at the 49th NYFF introducing PINA! http://vimeo.com/32329745
  • By Mark R. Young
    January 19, 2012
    08:14 PM

    Very cool! Although I wish Wim had turned around, spotted "Bottle Rocket," and had discussed that film too! :D