• “Viewers enchanted by The Thief of Bagdad will need little encouragement to sample more early film work by the remarkable actor Sabu,” writes Glenn Erickson for Turner Classic Movies. “Eclipse’s Series 30 disc set, Sabu!, rounds up the actor’s remaining three Korda pictures, each of which is a special cinematic treat.” The radiant Jungle Book is the biggest treat of the bunch for Paper’s Dennis Dermody (“This film directed by Zoltán Korda has always been a public domain nightmare with muddy VHS copies. The lustrous Technicolor is lovingly restored and the movie is pure magic”) and Home Theater Forum’s Matt Hough (“This is the Technicolor look one always longs to see in vintage films . . . The Oscar-nominated cinematography takes full advantage of the flora and fauna, and the adaptation of the five Kipling stories from his book makes for a truly wonderful Indian adventure”). And of the whole thing, Christopher Long of DVD Town writes, “It’s a mighty enjoyable collection . . . [Sabu] left behind a unique legacy, and these films are indisputable evidence of the sparking charisma of a star that burned briefly but very brightly.”

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