• Critics are getting all fired up about Sidney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men, and the verdict is in: This is “one of the greatest courtroom dramas ever made,” according to Matt Hough of Home Theater Forum, and one that “has only gained in impressive stature over the years since its initial release.” In Slant, Glenn Heath Jr. calls the film “staggering,” pointing out, “Incredibly, 12 Angry Men was Lumet’s feature directorial debut, a fact that remains massively impressive considering the film’s meticulous craft and pacing. Harboring just as much compulsive energy and momentum as most modern Hollywood action films, 12 Angry Men makes every shot and line of dialogue count.” For Christopher Long at DVD Town, this is a “masterpiece . . . Tripwire-taut, and despite the claustrophobia of its location, it is a surprisingly dynamic and visually compelling film from start to finish.” Regarding this special edition, Long notes, “having both the television version and theatrical release on the same disc is a real treat. Criterion has really gone to town on this release, from the transfer to the extras, and this is certainly a must-see.”

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