• Critics are tossing laurels at the epic 1939 Technicolor adaptation of A. E. W. Mason’s The Four Feathers, a crowning achievement for the Korda brothers that is now out on Criterion Blu-ray and DVD. “The stirring action and drama combo of The Four Feathers have it held in high regard for cinema buffs for over sixty years,” says DVD Beaver’s Gary Tooze, who also calls the movie “quite a remarkable achievement” and “the best adaptation of the story ever put to film.” According to Cinema Retro, “With its tremendous logistical challenges and extreme conditions on location, the picture is a marvel to behold.” Clark Douglas of DVD Verdict exclaims that it’s “a rousing, exceptionally well-crafted adventure that resembles a Boy’s Own Adventure tale in the best possible way.” And Home Theater Forum’s Matt Hough deems The Four Feathers more than just a technical tour de force: “A classic adventure tale of its kind, The Four Feathers is also a rather sophisticated tale of personal and nationalistic pride put to the test.”

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