• “Roman Polanski’s status as a world-class filmmaker of deep, epic regard is entrenched, but what’s revelatory about revisiting Cul-de-sac is just how strange it is,” writes Mike Restaino at DVD File in a review of the new Criterion edition of the 1966 film, never before available on U.S. DVD or Blu-ray. He continues, calling it “a movie that defies expectation as much as it inspires and cajoles its audience” and declaring, “Of all Polanski's early works, this is the one that gets better and richer the more I watch it.” For the indieWIRE blog Press Play, critic Simon Abrams deems Cul-de-sac a “very tense and satisfying paranoiac thriller,” adding that it is “must-see viewing before [Polanski’s] upcoming Carnage.” It’s “brilliant,” according to Paper’s Dennis Dermody, who adds that “this weird, strangely funny film echoes Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett with a real perverse undercurrent.” And according to Jamie S. Rich at DVD Talk, “at once tightly scripted and anarchically free-form, Cul-de-sac is unpredictable and entertaining.”

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