Schooled in Noir

Mar 30, 2011

This Friday, the New School in New York kicks off what it promises will be an annual tradition—the New School Arts Festival, “a cultural showcase reflecting the artistic and intellectual energy of the entire university”­­—with a bang: the theme is film noir. As you'll know if you've spent any time nosing around the shadowier corners of the Criterion Collection, bumping into the heist masterminds and femme fatales who lurk there, the topic is right up our alley. And we’re particularly excited about the experts that festival organizers James Miller, Robert Lupone, and Robert Polito (who recently wrote Criterion liner notes for Samuel Fuller’s B-noirs Shock Corridor and The Naked Kiss) have rounded up for the weeklong affair, many of whom we’ve also had the pleasure of working with in the past, including James Naremore (who will lecture on The Big Sleep), Geoffrey O’Brien and Luc Sante (participating in a panel discussion about the silent crime film serial Fantômas), Molly Haskell (delivering a paper on the “noir female archetype”), and Guy Maddin (introducing a screening of his Hauntings, tantalizingly described as “short adaptations of movies by great directors for which the prints have been lost, which he based on plot synopses found in ancient Variety magazines”). There’s a lot more hard-boiled entertainment to be had all week; learn all about the festival here.