• I’d like viewers to come away from my films unsure whether they’ve understood them.

    – Jean-Pierre Melville

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  • By MainMan2001
    January 08, 2011
    11:25 AM

    I feel really bored and want to make my Criterion Collection Top Ten Movies in no particular order: 1. Two Lane Black Top. One of the Coolest Movies I've Ever Seen. 2. Sid & Nancy. I Don't Own the Criterion Version of this film because it's O.O.P which sucks and they need to reissue this so bad because it's one of the best films of the 80s. Performances are so vivid that they stop being actors at all and just live the experience. Slow-Motion Wide Shot of trash falling through the air and them kissing is a powerful image. 3. Contempt. One Of My Top Five Movies Of All Time. It's Beautiful and Pure Cinema. 4. VideoDrome. Wow!! The first time I saw the ending of this movie I literally applauded and then re-watched it a dozen times. It doesn't get much better then this. Please Criterion People make Scanners a disc!!! 5. The Last Temptation of Christ. Another Movie where the ending is absolutely mind blowing. The Film runs out. Amazing colors and sound. Scorsese have accomplished it. 6. MONTEREY POP Best Concert Film Ever! The performances are so powerful at times I cry. A must see is Otis Redding's I've been Loving You. Lens Flairs. WOW! 7. F For Fake. The Main Man's Last Film is a complete cinematic break through. The editing is off the charts. His completely reinventing the grammar of movies. 8. Shoot The Piano Player. My favorite TRUFFAUT film by far. It's super fun and playful. The Style Is Exquisite. 9. Daze & Confused. Top Ten Movies Of All Time. I can and in fact do watch this movie all the time. It's impossible to turn off because everything is sooooooo alive. It's the real thing. The box art is on another level for Criterion as well and that's saying something. 10. A Thin Red Line. Malick. The Greatest Working Director. No Question. The opening and ending of this film always makes me cry. The amount of beautiful images in this film are enough for 20 movies. Please make BadLands and The New World a part of the Collection. I can easily create another list.