Gilliam Travels to 1884

Dec 20, 2010

One of our favorite illusionists, Terry Gilliam, has announced his next project, and it’s sure to have animation and fantasy fans atwitter. Variety reports that Gilliam is “godfathering” (we’re not sure if that means executive producing in some way or simply acting as a creative shepherd) a steampunk sci-fi epic titled 1884, to be directed by the British animation expert Tim Ollive, who has worked with Gilliam on such films as Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Brazil, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Variety includes the information that the movie will integrate CGI animation, live-action shooting, puppet work, collages, and miniatures. The article quotes Gilliam as saying, “It’s not slick and sleek CG work, such as studios in L.A. particularly produce. It looks crafted by an artisan, and the scale and design are spectacular.”