Entering House

Nov 5, 2010

In a new interview at the blog Hamster Triathlon, Criterion’s Curtis Tsui reveals that he was a fan of Nobuhiko Obayashi’s House long before it became cinema’s cult crush object du jour. Tsui, who produced our release of this piece of comic-horror absurdity from 1977, discovered the movie for himself in the late nineties, after tracking down a “battered, tenth-generation, unsubtitled VHS” at the legendary, now defunct Kim’s Video in Manhattan’s East Village. Now, thanks to Janus Films’ theatrical rerelease and Criterion’s new Blu-ray and DVD, the former cobweb collector is available to all. Check out Tsui’s interview, in which he discusses the beauty of handmade special effects and the importance of tactility in fantasy films, as well as answers some questions about House’s aspect ratio. Plus, there’s a little info on an exciting supplement in Tsui’s next release, Guillermo del Toro’s Cronos.