• By thevoid99
    November 04, 2010
    07:21 PM

    What a pretentious asshole. Yet, he is my favorite pretentious asshole. I want to be a great filmmaker like him.
  • By Michael Koresky
    November 05, 2010
    12:55 PM

    David, I think the use of "poser" here is a pun. And Criterion, who clearly loves von Trier (3 movies!), is making fun of those who are making fun of him. Everyone now knows that what he said at Cannes was supposed to be funny....
  • By Spideycow
    April 14, 2013
    03:37 PM

    Wow, haha, I did not expect so many fans of Criterion to hate Lars Von Trier! You would of thought people on this site would be a little less quick to dismiss a controversial film, much less a controversial director! When was it decided that having an egomaniacal personality was grounds to judge a director's work by? Does this mean we have to throw out the films of Fritz Lang, Werner Herzog, Jean-Luc Godard, and Mizoguchi Kenji? The history of film is full of arrogant directors - it's almost a tradition. And y'all should keep in mind an asshole is only a pretentious asshole if he or she doesn't actually deserve the attention they want. Monstertruckers. (Drops the mike.)
    • By charles_deckert
      May 04, 2013
      02:20 AM

      Thank you! Yes, if you're going to claim any significant degree of cinephilia, then you've got to accept the fact that past and present being at least slightly arrogant is sort of mandatory if you want to be a director who is upholding an artistic sensibility of their own.
  • By TheDirector
    May 03, 2013
    03:17 PM

    Herzog isn't arrogant. Just ambitious. Perhaps arrogantly ambitious. Do not like von Trier at all. I find his films visually horrific, and dogmatically dumb.